Blue Razz By Air Factory 60ml Review

Air Factory e-liquid is an e-juice line that has been making waves in the vaping world.

If you still crave those sweet and sour taffy candies that you had when you were young, Blue Razz e-juice by Air Factory Original is the vape juice for you. The creative team behind Air Factory e-juice has nailed the iconic flavor of blue raspberry hard candies by putting together a unique mix of flavors that delivers a complex punch of sugary and tart goodness. Every puff of Blue Razz e-juice will be a flavor shock to your taste buds and you’ll surely be in vaping heaven with each hit.

Your sweet tooth will be tickled suddenly by familiar flavors of taffy candy just in this vape juice. Air Factory e-liquid has used a secret blend of authentic fruit and taffy flavors to deliver a flavor that is so satisfyingly complex that you will be craving it over and over again. You will be hit with a titillating tartness that leaves you wanting more.

Blue Razz by Air Factory contains 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. If you are like me and you enjoy a mild throat hit with large clouds, then this is for you. This e-liquid comes with 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg of nicotine.

Based in Orange County, California, Air Factory has become a highlight in the vaping market. It is one of the industry’s most popular brands, and for good reason. It has been providing delicious blends since 2014, which range from candy to minty and dessert capes.

Air Factory Blue Razz Vape Juice comes in different sizes of bottles. A 60ml bottle of Blue Razz costs as little as $11.99 at the Westcoast Vape Supply online store. Yes! When you buy this sweet-tasting vape juice from Westcoast Vape Supply online store, you save a whopping $18 or 60% off the normal price.