Chill’d Tobacco E-Liquid by Cosmic Fog Review

Cosmic Fog is a well-known brand in the vaping industry. This company, which is based in Orange County, California, has quickly gained popularity due to its high-quality e-liquids. Cosmic Fog takes up to ten months to perfect each of its e-liquids. Cosmic Fog currently has two vape juice lines; the Cosmic Fog series and the Lost Fog line.

Cosmic Fog has many popular e-liquids on the market. In this review, we’ll be looking at one of the e-liquids from this company called Chill’d Tobacco. Chill’d Tobacco is part of the Cosmic Fog line. This e-juice is a blend of tobacco and chocolate with hints of peppermint flavor in the background.

This is one of the unique tobacco e-liquids that I have tried in a long time. Chill’d Tobacco is perfect for vapers who are switching from smoking to vaping. The flavor of this e-juice is irresistibly good. You can easily vape it all day long.

Flavor Description

Vape Chill’d Tobacco by Cosmic Fog feels like enjoying a light cigar with chocolate on the side. The taste is mild. On the inhale, you get the tobacco flavor. You taste the nuance of different tobacco flavors. The tobacco is slightly sweet. The sweetness blends with the fresh peppermint which adds a cooling touch to this vape juice. On the exhale, the chocolate flavor comes through and blends with the tobacco and spearmint.  There is a creaminess to this e-liquid. The chocolate flavor adds character to the flavor of this e-juice. The vape juice is authentic.

VG/PG Ratio

The vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of Cosmic Fog’s Chill’d Tobacco is 70/30. This is a MAX VG e-liquid, so it comes as no surprise that the flavor is smooth.

This Cosmic Fog e-liquid comes pre-steeped from the factory. However, you can steep it again to enhance the flavor.

The cloud production of Chill’d Tobacco is exactly what you expect from a 70vg blend. The thick clouds that you get from this e-juice linger in the air for some time. You will enjoy this e-juice whether you choose to vape it using a sub ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA).

Nicotine Strength

Cosmic Fog makes Chill’d Tobacco available with different nicotine strength levels so that everyone can enjoy it. You can get this vape juice with either 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg or 12 mg of nicotine.

The cool peppermint flavor contributes to the smoothness of the throat hit. Even if you go for the version of this e-juice with 12 mg of nicotine, you will not end up with a throat irritation. Chill’d Tobacco is easy on the throat.

Packaging Design

Chill’d Tobacco comes with the usual packaging design that is used for all Cosmic Fog e-liquids. The e-juice is packed in a dark, see-through glass bottle with a black, dropper cap. There is a label on the bottle with the Cosmic Fog logo and other information about the product like the flavor name, nicotine concentration level, VG/PG ratio, and more.


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Cosmic Fog is an e-juice manufacturer that seeks to maintain a high level of excellence when producing its e-liquid. All the e-juice flavors from this company are rigorously tested for quality and flavor before hitting the market. Apart from Chill’d Tobacco, some other remarkable Cosmic Fog e-liquids are Chewberry, Sonrise, Sonset, Milk and Honey, and Crip.

Chill’d Tobacco is a one-of-a-kind tobacco vape. This can easily become your new favorite tobacco vape juice.

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