The Mad Queen Shisha Vape Juice Review

If you are a fan of Shisha, you can obtain the same experience with The Mad Queen Shisha vape juice manufactured by Throne Liquids.

Shisha lovers appreciate being able to enjoy the unique flavor of Shisha with ease and comfort. Instead of seeking a Shisha cafe or purchasing a hookah which is not portable or discreet. Vaping Shisha ejuice gives you the same sensation and satisfaction you obtain from traditional hookahs.

Throne Liquids manufacture some of the best Shisha vape juices. Just like traditional Shisha, you have a variety of flavors. It’s a well established company in the industry. Its products are premium quality and appreciated by vapers worldwide.  The Mad Queen stands out as one of the best Shisha vape juices.

A Great Shisha Vape Juice Flavor

You will be able to enjoy some of the best Malaysian vape juices 2018 from a company that is known worldwide for its quality ejuices.

The Mad Queen Shisha vape juice has .a very nice fresh apple flavor when you inhale, The taste is like that of double apple. Both the sweetness of red apple and the tanginess of green apple. The intensity of the flavor increases and is complemented with layers of aloe vera. Afterwards,you’re overcome by the nice aroma of apple wood.

The flavor produced by The Mad Queen is Shisha-like vape flavor. Just like in a Shisha cafe you have different fruit flavors in the hookahs. Similarly, you obtain a sense of vaping shisha flavors with the exception of the charcoal taste.

Vegetable Glycerin and Propelyne Glycol

The vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol level of The Mad Queen is 70/30. This is a great proportion that satisfies Shisha taste ejuice lovers. They wll find nice cloud production and the taste they seek in a Shisha vape juice.

The Mad Queen of Throne Liquid is for both novice and experienced vapers, regardless of whether they are a flavor or cloud chaser.  It’s an easier way of enjoying the great taste they seek from Shisha without the incovenience of having to go to Shisha cafes. 

Bottle, Nicotine and Throat Hit

The rectangular cardboard box that contains the bottle is sleek. The color is black and the motif mistifies the content. The label of Throne Liquids reveals to vapers what to expect. On the back, a brief description of the flavor, and on the sides of the box you will find details of the compositions.

The bottle is for 60 ml ejuice and available with 0 mg and 3 mg. When you sniff it, it has a slight smell of red apple. The bottle is plastic, nothing fancy. You will find the label of Throne Liquids. It has a childproof safety cap. It’s long with a funnel opening that facilitate dripping.

Cloud chasers find the 0 mg perfect for practicing their skill. The cloud is thick and semi-fluid. The high VG level makes for nice clouds for performing various tricks.


If you are seeking for great vape juice deals and enjoy Shisha, you should take advantage of this opportunity. At only $13.99 USD you can obtain a 60 ml bottle either with 0 mg or 3 mg nicotine level. This is a great bargain price hard to find in the market

You can make some savings. Going on a daily basis to a Shisha cafe can cost a fortune. Vapers get a great deal for all-day-vaping that is hard to beat.  With The Mad Queen, you can vape all day and anywhere.


Throne Liquid, The Mad Queen, will give you a good experience of Shisha vaping. You will take pleasure of the nice taste of double apple and aloe vera.

Generally, any Shisha lover will like this shisha vape juice. You will also like the freedom it gives you to enjoy Shisha anywhere. For those that like the taste, but do not know what a hookahs look like, it’s not portable like an e-cig. You can easily put an e-cig in a pocket, something you cannot do with a hookah.

Both novice and experienced vapers seeking to discover new flavors will enjoy this for all day vaping. Shisha lovers find the liberty to vape Shisha juice anywhere and anytime. They will find the sensation and comfort they seek. It’s overall a fantastic vaping experience. This is certainly something to try throughout 2018. It’s one of the best Shisha vape juices on the market.

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