Vapo Maxx – RY4 Disposable Salt Nicotine Vape by VaporTech Review

If you have been in the vaping market for a while then you probably have heard about VaporTech’s Vapo 1500, a disposable device that is designed to go the distance. This Vapo Maxx is also a prefilled salt nicotine device that is much smaller and compact than its predecessors. This makes it easy to handle and ideal for stealth vaping, even on-the-go. Other than its more compact size, the Vapo Maxx also delivers a fuller nicotine hit that is sure to send your cigarette craving away for good. 

Vapo Maxx – Design and Build 

Vapo Maxx - RY4 Disposable Salt Nicotine Vape by VaporTech Review

The Vapo Maxx sports a rectangular build with rounded edges. It is also small and lightweight, not bigger than your pinky finger. This allows you to easily place the device in your pocket or bag without any trouble. The mouthpiece of the device is rather pronounced thanks to its narrow duck-bill shape. 

There are no buttons on the body of the device so all you get is a sleek, streamlined device that sits perfectly in your hand when you vape. All of the components of the Vapo Maxx are housed inside the plastic chassis so there is no way to even reach the ejuice tank. The body of the device is all white with only the VaporTech logo and ejuice flavor name sporting a different color. 

At the base of the Vapo Maxx disposable salt nicotine device is an aesthetic battery light indicator. The device also features a small airflow hole on one side and two airflow holes at the bottom.

In place of a fire button, the Vapo Maxx features a convenient draw activation. Simply place the mouthpiece in your mouth and take a drag to activate the battery. Straight out of the pack, the Vapo Maxx is ready to go and ensures you get about 280 puffs. After you are done, you can simply dispose of the unit.

Flavor Profile

Each disposable comes with a 1.2ml ejuice capacity. On both the inhale and exhale, the VaporTech Vapo Maxx Ry4 delivers a smooth blend of tobacco, caramel, and vanilla that will make your taste buds leap for joy. It may just be the best Ry4 flavor yet.

Vapo Maxx - RY4 Disposable Salt Nicotine Vape by VaporTech Review

Other than the RY4, VaporTech also features the Vapo Maxx in 10 delicious flavors including Pixie Frost, Apple Chill, Fire & Ice, Bananaice, Berry Banana, Blue Icicle, Icy Lychee, Citrus Pink, Lemon Glacier, and Tropicoco.

How Much Nicotine Is In The Vapo Maxx?

Even though all of VaporTech’s disposable pod devices make use of a proprietary slat nicotine formula, the Vapo Maxx seems to step it up a notch especially if you were not satisfied with the nicotine concentration of the Vapo 1500. If you want stronger nicotine hits, then you need an ejuice formula that comes with 60mg of nicotine which in the case of the Vapo Maxx is salt nicotine.

Why salt nicotine? Unlike regular nicotine, when you vape this high level of salt nicotine, you do not have anything to worry about other than enjoying a satisfying nicotine hit. There is no harshness or itchiness in your throat.


Are you also looking for a perfect alternative to traditional cigarettes, one that is easy to operate, requires no filling, charging, or maintenance, and still delivers exceptional performance? Then the Vapo Maxx – RY4 Disposable Salt Nicotine Vape by VaporTech is your ideal choice. This is not to mention the delicious Ry4 flavor combination.

The best part is that it is much cheaper than many other disposable devices that you will find on the market so you can afford to buy as many without bothering about an empty wallet afterward. On, you can get the Vapo Maxx – RY4 Disposable Salt Nicotine Vape by VaporTech for only $4.99.