Black Note Solo Vape Juice Review

For those vapers who can’t get enough menthol and tobacco, Black Note has made something special ‘on the rocks’. Black Note Solo offers the taste of full flavor tobacco and clean menthol that will leave you feeling fresh all the time. Check out my review below and find out why this deserves to be on your list of must try.

“Menthol tobacco; Enjoy a smooth-as-silk Virginia tobacco overlaid with a fresh menthol extract derived from genuine mint leaves. Artificial flavors are never part of Black Note’s lineup, even with our e-liquid menthol blend. The result is a cool and tingly mint tobacco sensation meant to excite and refresh.”

Black Note is one of those eliquid makers known to deliver its promises. As for Solo, this menthol-based tobacco ejuice remained true to its profile. On each puff, your taste buds will initially grace a smooth Virginia tobacco taste. And just when you thought this is all tobacco, a nice minty flavor without any harsh bite follows through, giving a nonetheless cool and refreshing sensation.

What I truly enjoy is that as the menthol goes deeper down the throat, its power gradually increases producing a crescendo of icy mintiness. And for a menthol flavor lover like me, this is absolute heaven! Of note, the tobacco flavor is still there throughout, although it is not as strong as in the start.

Black Note Solo is a blend of 50% vegetable glycerin and 50% propylene glycol. While it runs icy and cool on the throat, it is not harsh at all. So far, I have not experienced any scratchy throat or nose tingling sensations. The throat hit is just enough to let you know it is there. We all know that Black Note never fails to deliver spot on, good flavor. But it also knows how to please cloud chasers. Solo has huge and dense clouds that do not disperse easily. They smell like menthol too, which is pretty cool.

Solo is offered in four concentration levels. It is available in 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, and 18 mg. Here’s a brief idea of Black Label’s nicotine content. Both the 3 mg and 6 mg levels are for vapers who are ready to reduce their nicotine consumption. The 6 mg level may not be enough for a smoker, but eventually vapers move to this low through time. The 12 mg version is ideal for less heavy smokers or those who just shifted to vaping. If your average cigarette sticks per day is not more than 10, then this might offer enough nicotine for you. Lastly, the 18 mg level is the most common starting nicotine level. This is usually a go-to for smokers who consume more or less 20 sticks per day. At this level, the nicotine is in a substantial amount and it is not harsh on the throat at all.

Furthermore, Black Note recommends that if you are on your journey to quit smoking, it is better when you get a slightly higher nicotine level. Higher nicotine levels are recommended before eventually moving to lower concentrations.

Overall, I am definitely recommending this especially for previous menthol cigarette smokers. Solo will surely take you down memory lane. I love the fact that there is perfect harmony between these two flavors. The subtle mint flavor and the tobacco character are both there, and they do not overwhelm each other.  Solo did set the bar higher for mentholated vape juices.

Excited to give your next favorite mentholated tobacco vape juice a try? Black Note Solo (30 mL) is available NZD $37.99 at I know, Black Note eliquids are no way cheap, but once you learn how complicated its entire process is, you will definitely agree with me when I say it is worth it.

To give a brief idea, Black Note ejuices take between 2 and 3 years to make. For instance, all 10 premium ejuices are flavored using naturally extracted tobacco. This whole extraction process itself takes up to 8 weeks to finish. What’s more, a cold maceration process is used to ensure that the best flavor is extracted from the tobacco leaves. Black Note is free of synthetic flavors, colors, dyes, and chemical additives. And yes, even the mint flavor is naturally extracted and undergoes the same cold maceration process. Buy online to score some nice vape juice deals.

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