Cosmic Fog Sonset E-juice Review

Looking for your next favorite vape? Sonset by Cosmic Fog can quickly become a go-to juice, and thanks to its exquisite taste, you might literally vape it all day. Read my review below.

“A vape that can transport your body and soul to a spring time Fiji sunset. We started with a puree of Japanese Nashi pears and blended it with a French inspired Crème brûlée. The closely guarded recipe is then topped off with a generous portion of soft salted caramel.”

Sonset is one of those e-juices that offers more than just an exquisite taste. It can also lighten your mood and make you calm as if you are actually enjoying a sunset view of Fiji Island in the spring. Oh, how I would love to experience that firsthand! Your taste buds will go wild as Sonset e-liquid lets you experience layer after layer of mouthwatering flavor.

This Cosmic Fog premium e-juice will take you to paradise. Your vaping journey begins with a scrumptious puree of Japanese Nashi pears. What’s interesting is that these pears are actually famous for their very sweet taste. After that refreshing fruity experience, Sonset e-liquid takes you to another level. This time, it gives off a creamy and silky texture by adding some decadent French Crème brûlée. Then, Sonset finishes off its performance by dropping some rich hints of caramel for a perfect balance.

With all those flavors mixed together, it is impressive to note that the overall taste is not overwhelming at all. The sweetness hits you almost right away and you will not get easily tired of it. Also, everything is balanced exquisitely so no individual feel dominates the mix. Another cool thing is that it leaves no artificial aftertaste. This is one vape liquid that you can have for your daily juice. The flavor can be described as awesome, and it gets you hooked. There is no denying that Cosmic Fog truly made a masterpiece with this baby.

Cosmic Fog Sonset has an allocated ratio of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol of 70/30. This is already perfect for producing enough flavor in the vapor while giving off abundant clouds. Also, aside from the mouthwatering taste that Sonset provides, the fact that it produces a pleasantly mild throat hit allows cloud chasers to perform several tricks with the clouds. In case you’re wondering, I used the SMOK Pro Color 225W for this vape juice.

Sonset by Cosmic Fog comes in three nicotine concentration levels. It is available in 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg of nicotine. For newbies, here’s a guideline but take note this is not your clear-cut answer to what nicotine level you should start vaping with. Choosing the right nicotine level is more of an individual preference. So, 0 mg or no nicotine caters to new vapers or those who have no nicotine cravings to satisfy. The 3 mg level suits drippers or sub ohm tank users. This is also best for those who are stepping down from higher nicotine levels. Lastly, 6 mg or low nicotine is preferred by vapers looking for some extra kick while still enjoying the full-bodied flavor. Substantial smokers or those who use tanks or atomizers also use this level.

In terms of packaging, Cosmic Fog flaunts a straightforward presentation. The product has an all-black bottle. It has the company logo printed on it and some product information, including the flavor name, size, VG/PG ratio, nicotine level, and the usual warnings. It is equipped with a child-resistant cap, and you will not have any issues spilling its contents as the bottle cap is tightly locked in place.

Sonset by Cosmic Fog comes in 60-mL bottles at a price of $21.95 at Smokly. Head over to if you are hunting for some awesome vape juice deals. Smokly offers several other products like mods, tanks, and coils.

Cosmic Fog is found in the sunny Orange County, California. The company is dedicated to crafting new and exciting premium quality vape juices. To achieve this, artisans from Cosmic Fog Vapors combined rigorous research with their experiences in the culinary world. Furthermore, it takes them an average of between 7 and 10 months to produce the kind of flavors we enjoy today. Cosmic Fog also offers other dessert e-liquid flavors including Sour Melon, Berry Trio, Shocker, Chewberry, Chill’d Tobacco, Sonrise, and Tropic Splash.

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