E-liquid Flavors and Flavor Concentrates

Vaping has been increasing in popularity, and there are many people still looking to try it out. One of the main things that surprise people who switch from smoking to vaping is the availability of flavors. With vaping, you can choose almost any flavor that comes to mind, and there are hundreds on the market. There is an e-juice flavor for nearly anything you can think about. And if you have been vaping for some and want to try out DIY e-juice recipes then, you are in good company. This article will provide you with some of the best e-liquid recipes that you can try by yourself.

One of the first things to consider in e-liquid recipes is quality. You want to be sure that the company where you are buying your flavor concentrate from is certified and have a history of producing premium flavors. One of the best sellers of e-juice flavor concentrates. I know it is Flavorah. This US company sells some of the finest flavouring concentrates on the market. All concentrates you get from Flavorah have been tested and do not contain any Diacetyl or Acetyl Propionyl (2,3-pentanedione). Flavorah concentrates also do not contain any nicotine or tobacco. This company is my number one choice for flavor concentrates, and they should be yours too.

When it comes to DIT e-liquid recipes, you can get some great ideas from concentrates by Flavorah. This company has the Milk & Honey flavor concentrate, which like the name suggests, is delicious. This flavor concentrate comes in handy because it offers a blend of honey and dairy, which will make your taste buds water. Most DIY e-juice makers use the Flavorah Milk & Honey flavor concentrate to your blends. This will result in some of the best milk and honey DIY blends you ever made.

Another superb e-juice recipe that you can make using a Flavorah concentrate is coconut and milk. Flavorah has the Sweet Coconut concentrate, which is a blend of smooth candy and coconut milk. This is the foundation of this recipe, you’ll love it, especially if you have sweet tooth cravings. You can use this Flavorah concentrate as the foundation for your sweet and milky DIY blends.

For vapers who enjoy fruity blends, Lemonade by Flavorah is one that you must try. This concentrate is superb and offers the richness of citrus fruits. Besides the citrus flavors, you also get a slightly sweet taste from this concentrate. Lemonade is best for your fruity blends, especially those ideal for the summer season. There are numerous e-liquid flavors you can make on your own.

Flavorah has some of the best concentrates on the market. There are many other flavor concentrates available at the Flavorah shop besides Lemonade and Sweet Coconut. This US brand has an online shop that is easy to navigate, and this makes buying from them simply. Flavorah also has excellent customer service that you can contact with your inquiries at any time. You can contact Flavorah via the phone or via our toll-free number.