Melon Quench E-liquid Review

Melon Quench E-liquid will turn out to be one of the most refreshing water melon flavors that you’ve ever tried. What makes it refreshing is its authentic and pure melon taste. Judging by the taste, it feels that the company has used only freshly picked water melons to make this flavor.

The flavor bears the brand name of Forge Vapor. This is a fast growing American e-liquid company that has laid new benchmarks for making top class high temperature vaping juices. If you’ve even slightest addiction for high temperature vaping juices, then you can ill afford to shy away from Forge products.


Melon Quench E-liquid’s sweet melon flavor is not only delicious, but very smooth as well. Unlike other flavors, this flavor doesn’t use any artificial or chemical aftertaste to entice your taste buds. What you’d get from this flavor is nothing but the genuine taste of sweet juicy watermelon. Expectedly, this will become your go-to flavor in no time at all. You’ll happily vape this stuff all day long without feeling the desire to switch to other e-liquid midway.

After you take a vape, the flavor doesn’t dissolve quickly in the mouth. It stays in mouth long enough to ensure that you enjoy truly fulfilling vaping experience. With this e-juice, you’ll certainly never experience a superficial or shallow vaping experience.

Melon Quench’s flavor only gets better and tastier at high temperature settings. As is expected from a Forge product, this stuff offers optimum performance at higher temperatures.

Nicotine Strength                   

Melon Quench E-liquid is available in three nicotine levels. These are 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. Habitual smokers who always long for a strong throat hit should ideally opt for the 6mg nicotine level. Vapers should not have any concern about burning or itching sensations. This e-juice is incredibly smooth on throat.

Vapor production     

This vape juice will offer an enthralling experience to all die hard cloud chasers.  They will get overwhelmingly large clouds after every single hit from this juice. The good thing is that these huge clouds don’t fizzle out too quickly. They linger for really long time to ensure that vapers are able to relish the irresistible scent of sweet watermelon to the fullest.


Melon Quench E-liquid’s package design is not too fussy or over-the-top. It is simple, straightforward and yet very effective. In background of the package is a picture of an intense raging fire, which is accompanied by a photo of a thermometer in the foreground. The inclusion of these photos is obviously to convey that this stuff is specially cut out for those who are fond of high-temperature vaping juices. It is always good to have a package that is laser focused on the target audience. From sales as well customer’s perspective, this is a very admirable thing. The glass bottle is very neat and clean. The bottle enlists all the important details, including ingredients, critical warnings, and recommendations.


Melon Quench E-liquid 132ml bottle won’t cost you much. It is available on only for $25.00. is not like any other online e-liquid store. It is probably the only online e liquid store that is fully committed to passionately serve all the price conscious vapers out there. Founded by die hard vapers, this is a direct-to-customer online store that has completely eliminated the middleman’s cost. As a result, all high quality vape juice flavors are available on at wholesale prices.

Now your shoestring budget will no longer stop you from buying top class e-liquid products. At bare minimum price, you’ll get to enjoy breathtaking vaping experience. offers free shipping service for orders beyond $5.


Melon Quench E-liquid is made for those vapers who are always in search for exceptional vaping experience. No matter how high expectations you’ve from this vape juice, it simply won’t let you down. Its authentic sweet watermelon taste will induce your taste buds the moment you take the first vape. Its pure and juicy sweet taste is hard to match by other competitors.

This e-liquid’s outstanding taste at high-temperature settings makes it equally worth it. If you’re into high temperature vaping juices, then this is the thing for you. Last but not least, its attractive pricing on makes it a must buy product.

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