The Custard Shoppe Butterscotch E-Juice Review

Do you know that the largest butterscotch candy was created in 1996? Its size was 5.02’ x 5.02’ x 17.7’ and weighed more than 3,500 lbs. Seriously though, that can be my whole year supply! As an avid butterscotch fan, getting the chance to taste it every day would be a dream. But we are always good mathematicians when it comes to our calorie intake. Good thing, Butterscotch e-juice by The Custard Shoppe tastes so close to my favorite treat. Read my full review below and see if this is indeed a treat or just a trick.

“Butterscotch by The Custard Shoppe E-liquid is a freshly baked, delectable and delicious custard pie drizzled with butterscotch. The Custard Shoppe is brought to you by the makers of Jam Monster E-juice, so you know that these flavors will taste great all day long.”

This is one of the vape juices that is true to its profile. On the inhale, your taste buds will delight the slightly sweet butterscotch flavor. Then, on the exhale, that butterscotch taste is now mixed with custard. But just when you think the show is over, subtle notes of a pie also appear towards the end part. Just like movies, the pie notes bring the climax and is something you should look forward to.

Butterscotch by The Custard Shoppe leans on the sweeter side but not on the candy side. This is something important to note as most butterscotch-flavored e-juices have a candy essence. And here is another good thing about this e-juice. Its sweetness is not overwhelming in the throat at all. Sometimes, too much sweetness can make your mouth and throat feeling dry. With Butterscotch, the sweetness is just enough… as if it will only tickle your sweet tooth a bit. I hope you know what I mean.

The Custard Shoppe Butterscotch is a blend of 75% vegetable glycerin and 25% propylene glycol. It runs nice and smooth in the throat. And the throat hit it gives off is pleasantly mild. Because its vegetable glycerin is pretty high, you can expect immense clouds of vapor from this baby. This cloud machine will produce sweet-scented clouds that are nice and huge and do not disperse right away. Now tell me who would not want to stay in a room that smells like butterscotch? It can actually make your mouth drool sometimes.

When it comes to packaging, The Custard Shoppe is no slouch. A nice product presentation can actually attract potential customers. As for The Custard Shoppe, the brand flaunts a classic-looking design. An image of a chef holding a plate with a piece of butterscotch on it appears to be inviting you to give the product a try. The e-juice comes in a 100-mL gorilla bottle with a mustard-colored label wrapped around. The label displays product information such as the brand name, flavor name, nicotine level, PG/VG ratio, size, and the usual warnings. The bottle also has a child-proof cap plus a narrow drip tip so you can easily and conveniently transfer the e-juice into a dripper or tank.

The Custard Shoppe offers Butterscotch in three different nicotine levels. It is available in 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg of nicotine. Newbies should know that choosing the right nicotine level is very important. It may entail a trial and error process on their part but it is worth it in the end. Usually, the 0 mg level is preferred by those who have little or no nicotine cravings at all. On the other hand, both the 3 mg and 6 mg levels are for those looking for a nicotine kick. The two levels are still considered within the low nicotine range and offer full flavor experience.

Butterscotch by The Custard Shoppe is up for grabs at for as low as $29.99 only per 100 mL. You know the e-juice is that good when stocks are always running low. Make sure you grab a bottle or two of this soon-to-be favorite vape juice of yours.

As mentioned earlier, The Custard Shoppe is the custard lineup by Jam Monster Liquids. It aims to capture the nostrils and taste buds of all custard lovers out there. Other The Custard Shoppe vape liquids available in the market are Raspberry and Blackberry. Happy vaping, people!


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