Top 5 E-Liquids from Slim’s E-Juice That You Must Try

We all know that the market is filled with a variety of e-juice flavors. Some brands have become so popular that they are a must-try. Today, I am going to review my newfound favorite e-juice brand called Slim’s E-Juice.

I bumped into this brand and got blown away by its vape juices. The company is committed to producing high-grade e-liquids at an unbeatable price. Sounds like a good deal, right?

I have tried a couple of e-liquids from Slim’s E-Juice, mostly those that are rated five stars. They are all under the company premium e-juice category. And, these are my top picks.

  1. Cinnamon Roll E-Liquid

As a pastry lover, the Cinnamon Roll e-liquid caught my attention. This vape juice is a “nice tasty vape” that has the flavor of cinnamon rolls.

Truly, this vape juice has the taste of the sweet pastry we all grew up loving. It is the perfect combination of spicy cinnamon, and a sweet sugary flavor rolled into a dough and topped with frosting. It is flavorful and robust. You would not want this any other way.

This is a perfect all day vape. This vape juice would surely please vaper who are into cinnamon and sweet vapes in general.

  1. Bubblegum Premium E-Liquid

“Our bubblegum flavor tastes exactly like the real things. This sweet and delicious regular bubblegum goes great paired with flavors such as watermelon or grape.”

I included this in my list to add a variety. Most vapers usually go for pastry, desserts, and fruity e-liquid. Well, don’t we just love a bubblegum? I remembered as a kid I would ask mom to buy bubblegum-flavored toothpaste.

This Bubblegum e-liquid tastes incredibly good – just like the real thing. It is far from those synthetic sugary bubblegum e-liquids we see from other brands. You will feel like you are chewing a piece of bubble gum when vaping this e-liquid.

I tried mixing it with watermelon and grape, and it tasted good. This e-liquid will remind you of your childhood days when fruity bubble gums were a daily delight.

  1. Cowboy Blend Tobacco Premium E-Juice

“One of our popular tobacco blends. Goes good with Smooth and Menthol.”

I do not wonder how this got to the top of Slim’s list. This vape juice has pure tobacco flavor that can help cigarette smokers to transition to vaping. It has a mild earthy taste that is not overwhelming or irritating at all. I highly recommend this blend for vapers who want an e-juice with tobacco flavor.


  1. Deathstrike Premium E-liquid

This yummy e-juice blend will not strike you to death, but it will surely capture your heart and your taste buds. This vape juice is a delicious blend of sweet milk, fruit circles, caramel candy, Graham cracker, vanilla, and toasted marshmallow.

There is so much flavor in one bottle, I know! But it is so nice and smooth. Not one flavor dominates the blend. I recommend this vape juice to vapers who are into sweets and desserts. It is a unique and interesting e-juice sweet lovers should try.


  1. Green Apple Premium E-juice

I have always had a thing for green apples, so this will probably explain why this e-juice made it to the list. But seriously though, its flavor is great enough to snatch a spot. According to its flavor profile, this e-liquid “captures that deliciously sweet and sour, crisp, and refreshing taste.”

I would not argue with that description. This e-liquid truly captures the sweetness of a ripe, crisp apple with some tinge of sourness. It tastes so fresh like a real apple juice. It is downright refreshing.


The list above is my five favorite vape juices from Slim’s E-Juice. All these vape juices are a blend of 60% vegetable glycerin and 40% propylene glycol. The clouds are decent, and throat hit is mild. I vaped the 4 mg level of nicotine, by the way. These e-liquids are also available with 0 mg, 2 mg, 4 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg, and 24 mg of nicotine.

A 60-mL bottle of any of these e-juices will cost you $14. A friendly tip: You can get huge discounts if you buy more. Just visit the Slims E-Juice online store for more information.

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