UForce Coils by VooPoo Review

Nothing hits better than coils that are specially designed to suit your vape tank. If you have got VooPoo’s UForce Vape Tank, you need to stock up your shelf with these incredible coils if you want to continue having spectacular vaping experiences filled with flavor and vapor. 

The UForce coils come in a wide array of options for you to choose from, single, dual, and triple mesh, dual vertical parallel coils and kanthal giving you a wide array of vaping styles and effects to enjoy. You probably have never had these many coils compatible with one device before.

VooPoo is not just your average vape juice manufacturer. The company dates back to 2014. Today, they are one of the renowned brands in the vaping industry. When you go with VooPoo, you can expect innovation and high-quality. They have several successful vape devices in the market, from regular pen-like e-cigarettes, vape mods, and so on. For the sake of the 

A little About The UForce Vape Tank by VooPoo

Pair the VooPoo Uforce Coils with the UForce Vape Tank and you have got a force to reckon with. The tank measures 24.6 x 54.05mm. It is made of 304 stainless steel. The tank features three airflow holes help to deliver smooth airflow while you vape. If you are looking for a top-notch tank that does not hold back on performance, the UForce Vape Tank by VooPoo is your ideal choice.

VooPoo Uforce Coils

The coils feature organic cotton wicking materials and a variety of coil head designs. If you like to vape at lower wattage ranges, the dual and quadruple parallel coils will do the job. If what you are looking for is improved taste, vapor and coil longevity, the single and triple mesh oil designs will give you the satisfaction that you need.

VooPoo Uforce coils also feature anti-leaking, anti-spit back technology and heat insulation so they give you a smoother and more pleasurable vaping experience for a long period. These UForce coils deliver a bottom vertical structure to ensure that you get maximum flavor 

The coils are available in:


0.4ohm resistance featuring Quadruple Parallel Coil design which is ideal for vaping at lower wattage ranges.Recommended Wattage: 65W – 75W


0.13ohm resistance featuring a Single Mesh Coil design that is sure to bring out that underlying flavor notes from your ejuice as well as giving you plenty of vapor.

Recommended Wattage: 70W – 80W


0.3ohm resistance featuring a Dual Mesh Coil design

Recommended Wattage: 45W – 80W


0.2ohm resistance featuring a Triple Mesh Coil design which is also great at delivering accurate flavor notes and plentiful flavor.

Recommended Wattage: 65W – 100W


0.4ohm resistance featuring a Dual Parallel Coil design for vapers who like to limbo with their wattage ranges.

Recommended Wattage: 55W – 65W


0.23ohm resistance featuring a Quadruple Parallel Coil design which is also ideal for vaping at lower wattage ranges.

Recommended Wattage: 60W – 80W

AvailabilityUForce Coils by VooPoo For Voopoo Review

The UForce coils by VooPoo come in a pack containing 5 coils, and they are pierced quite affordably especially when you buy from online stores like Ejuice.Deals. Whichever coil type you choose, you can get a pack containing 5 coils for only $14.99. Think about how many coils you can get with a price that convenient.


You must not have just the VooPoo UForce vape tank to use these coils. If you have either the UForce T1 Tank or Drag 2 Kit, you can still use these UForce coils and enjoy you ejuice just how they were designed to be enjoyed – full of rich flavor and dense vapor. At this point in vaping history, there is nothing that should keep you away from having the most pleasurable vaping experience possible without having to sacrifice on your preferences.