Vape Moar Mellow Gold Ejuice Review

Mellow Gold by Vape Moar is one of those ejuices that can help previous smokers transition from cigarette smoking to vaping successfully. This vape juice has been carefully formulated to suit ex-smokers’ palette. It has a tobacco taste with a twist of sweet nutty caramel that will make you want for more.

Its official flavor description says, “If you’re an ex-smoker, like most vapers, you’ll appreciate the time and effort we put into this flavor. Most vapers don’t like tobacco flavors that taste TOO much like tobacco, so we’ve amped up the subtle and mellow tones of a well aged tobacco and added hints of caramel and nuts. It’s very similar to a traditional RY4 flavor, but with a twist you’ll love. Mellow Gold is tobacco the way it should be done, smooth, a touch of sweet, and that complex tobacco body you know and love, with no ashy taste or heavy pepper tones.”

“Our 132 mL bottles come with a twist off, childproof cap. If you don’t have small bottles, or a syringe, we recommend picking up one of our Dripper’s Caps for $1, you’ll thank yourself, and us.”

Presentation-wise, Vape Moar aims to please the taste buds more than the eyes. The evape comes in a clear bottle with a child-resistant cap. Its label is pretty straightforward, displaying only relevant product information like the brand name, flavor name, nicotine level, lot number, and expiration date. If you check the ejuice itself, the color is mellow golden indeed with a thick consistency. But don’t worry, I tried vaping this for a couple of days and it did not gunk up my coil.

When it comes to flavor, Vape Moar gives it all in. This means that you can definitely count on for a delicious and legit tobacco taste with a hint of sweet nutty caramel. I don’t know for you, but some reviewers agree that this ejuice is one of the American copies of the RuYan caramel tobacco blend (RY4) from China.

Mellow Gold is packed with lots of very sweet caramel sugar in it. I am pretty sure vapers with sweet tooth will immediately love this. Going in, the taste of mild tobacco will initially welcome you. Then shortly after that, the nutty and soft sweet caramel taste follows and will linger all the way out. Each puff is finished with a distinct tobacco note that will only make you want for more. Check more flavors at Vape Moar’s Small Bottles collection.

This vape juice has a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of 90/10. But it is impressive to note that although this has a high vegetable glycerin content, the vape runs nice and smooth on the throat. This is perhaps one of the most well-blended ejuices I have tasted as the tobacco flavor does not overpower the caramel or vice versa. This does not give any nose tingling sensation or nicotine high as well. As for the clouds, Mellow Gold is no slouch. It will produce huge and dense clouds that do not disappear right away. This fog machine can easily fill any type of room with a nutty and sweet caramel scent with a very slight hint of tobacco. You have to be keen to catch the smell of tobacco. Of note, Mellow Gold is best vaped in medium heat (500 Fahrenheit) and wattage (40 watts) as per Vape Moar’s recommendation.

Mellow Gold is offered in five different nicotine levels. This mouthwatering ejuice that is perfect as an all-day vape comes in 0 mg, 2 mg, 4 mg, 8 mg, and 16 mg of nicotine. Of note, whether you are a beginner or a previous heavy cigarette smoker, the only person who can pick the right nicotine level for you is yourself. However, I always suggest that you start at the lowest level first and gradually increase if the first one did not satisfy you. This process takes patience, but in the end, it will be worth it.

Overall, Mellow Gold is worth the investment, and I am definitely recommending this especially to previous cigarette smokers and dessert lovers. You can get your own Mellow Gold in sampler sized bottles (18 mL) or big bottles (132 mL) for $4 and $25, respectively. By the way, this can go well with a cup of coffee! Happy vaping!

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