Allo Bar Disposable by Allo Vapor Review

When disposables started becoming popular, it was mainly because of the convenience behind them, one of the reasons why the Allo Bar is as popular as it is. Other than convenience, the Allo Bar also offers a stress-free vaping that is packed full with so much nicotine and flavor to quench your thirst and satisfy your nicotine craving. 

What’s In The Kit?

  • 1 x Allo Bar Disposable ECig

Design and Build

The Allo Bar is a simple device all around, from its minimalist design, down to its easy to use draw mechanism. The device sports a rectangular chassis with straight sides. Altogether, the device is not bigger than your hand, making it easy for you to slip it into your pocket when going out. The color scheme of the device is nothing short of elegant, and you get a variety of colors however, the color scheme corresponds to the ejuice flavor. 

Allo Bar Disposable by Allo Vapor Review

Straight out of the pack, you get to see the streamlined all-in-one chassis of the Allo Bar and no obvious buttons or switches or anything. Even the mouthpiece of the device is not discernable just like on most other disposable vape devices. There are arrows on the side of the device that points to the part of the device where you will find two escape holes that would be where you will be inhaling the vaporized ejuice from.  Other than that, the only other things on the body are the ALLO logo, the nicotine concentration, and the ejuice flavor.

Housed inside the chassis of the Allo Bar disposable is a 1.2ml ejuice tank that is not refillable. There is hardly an issue with leaking. Once you are done with the ejuice, you simply dispose of the unit. 


The Allo Bar sports a 300mAh battery, a generous amount for a disposable pod device especially when compared to all the others on the market. The battery has a resistance of 1.5-ohms, and together with the 1.3ml ejuice tank, you should expect anywhere from 200 to 300 puffs or more depending on how much you vape. This is just the equivalent of smoking a pack of cigarettes.

It is not every day that you see a disposable device featuring over-inhale and short circuit protection but the Allo BAr comes with it, this guarantees that you are rewarded with smooth draws and pleasant-tasting ejuice every time you take a drag without having to bother about dry hits.

Ejuice Flavors

You can get the Allo Bar in about 17 ejuice flavors, all of which would send your taste buds on a vaping adventure and keep them begging for more. Some of the ejuice flavors that you get to choose from including Blue Raspberry: Blueberry and raspberry, Peach: Natural peach, OMG: Orange, mango, and guava, Peach Lemon: Peach lemonade flavor, and Strawberry: Natural strawberry flavor.

Allo Bar Disposable by Allo Vapor Review

Nicotine Concentration

For each ejuice flavor you choose, you get to also choose from varying nicotine concentrations so that you enjoy the flavor with just the right amount of nicotine to satisfy your nicotine cravings. You get to choose from 20mg (2%) or 50mg (5%) nicotine concentrations, and thanks to the salt nicotine blend, your drags will always be rewarded with smooth, strong, and satisfying throat hits. 

Getting Started With The Allo Bar

For a beginner, working your way around the Allo Bar should take even less than a second. The Allo Bar is a draw activated device and there are no additional settings, meaning that once you unravel it from the pack, you just place the mouthpiece in your mouth and take a drag. 


There is hardly any disposable vape device with such impeccable flavor while still offering reliability down to the very end. It is a great choice for you if you don’t want to vape frequently but you still get a good hit every time you do. Not to forget, you can get the Allo Bar Disposable by Allo Vapor on for only $8.