CBD Tinctures by Pacific CBD Co. Review

“Tinctures” depicts medications that are suspended in alcohol. CBD Tinctures are derived from the hemp plant in a liquid state, suspended under 60-70% distilled alcohol, glycerin or cinnamon/peppermint oil. They can be consumed in the same way as CBD Oil, putting it under the tongue –sublingually. The quantity of CBD in tinctures are less compared to other forms like CBD gummies and CBD flowers but it lasts longer due to the presence of alcohol which also serves as a preservative.

CBD Tinctures by Pacific CBD Co. stand out among other CBD Tinctures in the market, offering the best quality Tinctures with a range of 125mg to 2000mg. All the Tinctures come in 3 flavors; mango, peppermint, and strawberry. They relieve chronic pain, arthritis, headaches, depression, anxiety, inflammation, neuropathy, panic disorder, PTSD, stress, insomnia, fibromyalgia, nausea, some neurological disorders and seizures, sleep disorders, promote cardiovascular and bone health, and promotes digestion.

2000mg CBD Tinctures
The 2000mg CBD Tincture peppermint, strawberry, mango flavor. It comes in a 30ml (1 FL Oz.) bottle, formulated and crafted in the United States of America. It is extracted from non-GMO hemp and crafted with a 99.9% pure CBD isolate. The CBD Tinctures were made from natural organic ingredients such as Hemp seed oil, Coconut oil, flavoring, and pure Hemp CBD Crystalline. They are gluten and THC free.

The peppermint flavor is cool and minty, made in perfect proportions so that you don’t feel like the mint is overpowering. The mango flavor is fresh and fruity while the strawberry is sweet and juicy with a subtle taste of summer.

To use, it is recommended that you apply ¼ to ½ dropper per day either in the morning or night, directly under the tongue to get the full effect. You could also apply to your drink or food. The dropper comes in different dosages and it is best you try them out till you find what works for you. A full dropper is equivalent to 1ml and contains 66.6mg of CBD. A half dropper is equivalent to 0.5ml and contains 33.4mg of CBD. A quarter-full dropper is equivalent to 0.25ml and contains 16.6mg of CBD. Before you consume, make sure you shake the bottle well.

1000mg CBD Tinctures
The only differences between the 2000mg CBD Tinctures and other tinctures are the dosage and the price. Everything else is similar. A full dropper, equivalent to 1ml, contains 33.3mg of CBD. This is half the dose you get from the 2000mg CBD Tinctures. A half dropper, equivalent to 0.5ml, contains 16.7mg of CBD. A quarter-full dropper, equivalent to 0.25ml, contains 8.3mg of CBD. It is important to note that there are 30mls in bottle of CBD Tinctures. A full dropper amounts to 30 servings per bottle, a half dropper amounts to 60 servings per bottle, and a quarter full dropper amounts to 120 servings per bottle.

500mg CBD Tinctures
A full dropper contains 16.7mg of CBD, a half dropper contains 8.4mg of CBD. Other specifications tally with the other Tinctures.

250mg and 125mg CBD Tinctures
A full dropper of the 250mg CBD Tincture contains 8.3mg of CBD, a half dropper contains 4.2mg of CBD. A full dropper of the 125mg CBD Tincture contains 4.15mg of CBD, while the half dropper contains 2.1mg of CBD.

You can purchase the 2000mg CBD Tinctures for $149.99, the 1000mg CBD Tinctures for $119.99, the 500mg CBD Tinctures for $69.99, the 250mg CBD Tinctures for $39.99 and the 125mg CBD Tinctures for $24.99 at pacificcbdco.com.