Mango Shortfill E-Liquid By Frugi Review

If you love tropical flavors, then Fruigi’s Mango shortfill e-liquid will appeal to you. This e-juice gives you the rich, juicy taste of ripe mangoes blended with hints of passionfruit to give you a true taste of paradise.

Flavor Profile

Mango shortfill e-liquid by Frugi is a tropical refreshment for your taste buds. You’ll enjoy the ripe, juicy mango flavor from inhale to exhale and get that sweet summer feeling all year round! This is one incredible flavor that will keep you coming back for more

Like all other Frugi products, the Mango shortfill is a vegan-friendly e-liquid and it’s produced with pure, high-quality natural ingredients including refined natural flavor

Nicotine Strength

Although Fruigi’s Mango shortfill is packaged in a 60ml shortfill container, it only contains 50ml of e-liquid. The remaining space is for you to add a nicotine shot. Adding an 18mg nicotine shot will give you a 60ml bottle of e-liquid with 3mg nicotine.

VG/PG Ratio

Mango shortfill e-liquid contains no artificial ingredients whatsoever. It is formulated with 100% Vegetable Glycerin (VG). This e-liquid is perfect for vapers with a PG intolerance/allergy, as well as vegans, vegetarians, and those who prefer the organic lifestyle. Whatever your case, Frugi has you covered with their natural range of premium shortfills.

About the Manufacturer

Frugi’s founder was a long-time smoker who switched to vaping to help him quit, as more and more smokers are doing every day. But in time, he noticed he wasn’t having the best reaction to vaping—he experienced coughing, skin reactions, and headaches, all because he just wanted to quit smoking cigarettes.

When he discovered it was a PG intolerance that was causing his reaction, he was baffled to find that there were few to no 100% PG-Free e-liquid brands on the market, so he decided to change that. To make the switch easier for himself and vapers like him, he founded Frugi to make PG-Free e-liquids more accessible for everyone.

Features and Specifications

  • Flavor Notes: Mango
  • 60ml shortfill bottle
  • 50ml of 0mg E-Liquid
  • 100% VG
  • All-natural flavourings, no artificial ingredients
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Formulated for sub-ohm Vaping
  • Childproof & tamper-evident seal

Price and Availability

You can get a bottle of Fruigi’s Mango shortfill e-liquid at the Vape Green online stoe for £16.99 only. If you buy two bottles, you only need to pay £30!