Vuse Alto ePod Cymatic Frequency LE Device Review


Vuse, the manufacturer behind the Alto ePod Cymatic Frequency Le device is a British tobacco company and an internationally recognized brand. Their goal is to provide high-quality devices at affordable prices and the Alto is a good example. The Alto is just like the Vype ePod but it features a classier design. Its performance, portability, and style are some of the major reasons why any vaper would want one.


A good place to start from will be its unique design. It sports a similar build design to many other prefilled pod systems on the market but it is considered unique. To start with, the Alto does not feature the usual plastic build that you get in most pod devices. Rather, it is made from metal, making it feel sturdy and a little bit on the chunky side. Weighing in at 22.5 grams, it is not the lightest pod device in the market but it is still not uncomfortably heavy. 

The Vuse Alto is draw activated so there is no need for any buttons whatsoever. It incorporates curved edges at both its top and bottom that improve the overall aesthetics and makes the device comfortable in your hand. 

At the centre of the device is an LED that lights up to show the battery level of the device. It flashes 10 times when you are out of power. It stays on while you charge and goes off once the battery is full. 

Ejuice Cartridge

Alto ejuice cartridges come prefilled with 1.9ml of high-quality ejuice. It is a pretty fair amount considering the size of the device. The Alto cartridge gives you 275 puffs before you have to dispose of it since they are not refillable. Vuse Alto EPod Cymatic Frequency LE Device Review

When buying Alto ejuice pods for your device, you get to choose from Golden Tobacco, Mango, Watermelon, Smooth Mint, Strawberry, Blueberry, Cucumber, Berry, Cool Peppermint, Lychee, Passion Fruit, Polar Mint, Vanilla, and many more. Whatever your preferences are, there is bound to be an Alto ejuice flavor to suit your taste buds. 

While choosing your ideal ejuice flavor, you also have to choose from 1.6% (18mg), 3% (34mg), and 5% (57mg) nicotine concentrations. If you are a hardcore vaper, you should find the 50mg as a perfect suit. If you want a milder hit while you vape, you can choose from either 18mg or 34mg. When you inhale you get strong and smooth throat hits thanks to the salt nicotine content.

Battery Capacity

The Alto ePod Cymatic Frequency Le device by Vuse is equipped with a 350mAh inbuilt battery. On a full battery, the device gives you around 195 puffs which would get you through about ¾ of your ejuice. There is a magnetic USB charger that comes with the device for when you need to charge. The charger can power up the device from 0 to 100 in under 70minutes. It does not support pass-through vaping so you will not be able to vape with it while it is charging.

To make the device safer to use, Vuse designed it with a suite of protective features. It comes with over-discharging, overcharging, and overcurrent protection that gives you smoother vape experiences. 


If you are a transitioning smoker, the Alto ePod was designed for you. It delivers smooth and tight cigarette-like draws, a staple now in the prefilled pod system market. The draws give you the same satisfaction as you normally get from your cigarettes. Thanks to the high-quality nicotine content, you are going to be getting good kicks from this device. 

What’s In The Box?

  • 1 x Alto EPod device
  • 1 x USB Magnetic charger
  • 1 x User guide

You can choose from any one of the 3 color options: Cymatic Black, Cymatic Gold, and Cymatic Graphite. At, you can get the Alto ePod Cymatic Frequency Le device for only $12. Together with the Alto device, you can also get any one of the Alto ejuice flavors for only $10. Each Alto ejuice flavor pack contains 2 Alto cartridges. 

Product Specification

  • Dimension: 10.3cm x 1.9cm x 1.0cm
  • Product Weight: 22.5g
  • Battery Capacity: 350mAh
  • Ejuice Tank Capacity: 1.9ml


When fully charged, the attractive Alto ePod device gives you unlimited all-day use. You get to enjoy incredible portability allowing you to quench your nicotine cravings whether you are out with friends or heading to the subway. Since the device is draw-activated, you would be able to get the hang of the device easily.